Sylvan blog post for parents about College Writing Program

“When am I ever going to use this, anyway?” – Making Sylvan do double duty

One of the most common questions that I get when I’m teaching – and that I know many parents have heard before – is that old high school complaint, “Why should I have to learn [geometry/ social studies/ grammar/ whatever the student is currently struggling with]? When am I going to use this, anyway?” There are a lot of ways that we can answer these questions; today, I’d like to talk about using the Sylvan experience as a whole in a way that a lot of parents and students never consider: as an excellent topic for a college application essay.

The college application essay (or in many cases, essays) is one of the most dreaded parts of the college application process. Kids don’t know what to write, parents don’t know how to help them, and no one knows what the colleges are looking for, anyway. In a lot of ways, this essay feels like it combines the worst aspects of a job interview and a blind date.

Students who have taken an ACT prep class at Sylvan have demonstrated a commitment to their future that can be very refreshing for college admissions officers to see. They’ve shown that they’re willing to seek help, learn new skills and strategies, and sacrifice some of their free time in order to pursue an educational goal that is important to them. Kinda sounds like something any college would love to find in an applicant, huh?

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