Red Cross DOTS Campaign – Resellers

How it works

A Red Cross Dots Campaign helps local organizations make donating as simple as 1, 2, 3 – people scratch off a dot, donate that amount ($1, $3, or $5), and receive coupons from local sponsors in return.

Dots are fun and easy

Dots are fundraising without the hassle – no inventory to manage, no deliveries to coordinate. People who donate receive valuable coupons for local businesses, making dots an easy sell for any group.

Dots give more

Reach your fundraising goals faster than you thought possible with 50% of the proceeds from your DOTS Campaign. The program’s simplicity makes it easy for kids of all ages to get donations and learn that little dots can add up to a lot.

Dots do good

Double the goodwill of the donations you get by partnering with the Red Cross for a DOTS Campaign. Every dollar donated helps provide a vital program or service, and with proceeds split 50/50, the whole community wins.

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