Intro to Social Proof for Real Estate Agents

What is social proof?

The essence of social proof is simple: “If a bunch of other people like it, maybe I will too.” It’s peer pressure in positive form. When McDonalds tells you that they’ve served over a billion hamburgers, or a YouTube video boasts thirty million views, they’re offering social proof.

How social proof benefits real estate agents

When it comes to real estate, trust is one of the most important elements in closing a deal. Buying or selling, residential or commercial, investment property or first-time homebuyer, real estate transactions are always a big deal. Social proof offers buyers reassurance that you can be trusted with the deal. After all, if others have trusted you, you must be trustworthy.


Building offline social proof

The strongest and most common form of social proof offline is a referral: a direct statement from your prospect’s social or business network that you are the right real estate agent to work with. Another common way to use social proof in your real estate marketing is by including statistics. For example, “A house sold every 48 hours”, or “We sell 300 homes every year – yours could be next”. When it comes to social proof, specifics are always more powerful than general statements like “Area’s most popular real estate agent”.


Building online social proof

The internet makes collecting and displaying social proof easier than ever. Social media is built around social proof: whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or something else entirely, your likes, shares, retweets, and favorites are a great way to build your reputation with prospective clients. You can actively cultivate your online social proof by asking past and current clients to share reviews and testimonials for you.

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