1 – Establish a Brand Identity

A company blog is a marketing effort, and like any piece of the marketing puzzle, it should have a clearly defined target audience and mesh with your overall brand strategy. Before you begin a blog, spend some time thinking about your target market. Who do you envision reading your blog? Are they current customers, prospects, people who’ve never heard of your business before? What do they value? What do they want to get out of your blog – entertainment, insider company news, special deals, product recommendations, industry advice? Give some thought to the goals and objectives of your blog as well. What actions do you see your blog inspiring? Remember that a blog isn’t a hard sales tool – it’s a way to keep prospects and customers engaged and informed.

Once you’ve clearly defined your target audience, you’ll want to shape the tone of your blog. If your customers are coming to your blog looking for entertainment and advice, then a funny, sharp, irreverent tone works well. That same tone is unlikely to work for, say, a grief counselor’s blog, but it might be perfect for the right type of insurance agency, and it’s often a good fit for a web designer. Your blog’s identity should be well thought-out and most importantly, human – your posts shouldn’t seem like they come from a well of committee-designed corporate-speak. Even when the most appropriate tone for your business blog is serious and professional, people want to hear from a real person, not a faceless company.