5 – Say It With Pictures

People are more likely to read a web page if it has a picture accompanying it. Most blogs use a semi-related stock image to illustrate their posts, and that works well enough. But don’t overlook the value of your blog as an opportunity to show off parts of your business that your customers don’t always get to see.

Some businesses obviously lend themselves to photo blogs – wedding planners, interior designers, stores with physical products to sell – but with a little creativity a good photo can do wonders for almost any blog. Most businesses include a gallery of projects and assorted images somewhere on their website, but the photos in your blog should tell a story. Don’t just put up a photo of “The Johnson Wedding”, tell how you chased down exactly the right shade of rose for the event. If you cater to patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist, show your readers a photo of your cushy exam rooms, complete with TVs and headphones so nervous patients can tune out the sound of the drill. If you describe your products as “hand-crafted”, include a photo of the hands that craft them. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture and a story can be worth a thousand sales.