4 – Keep it Local

The easiest trap to fall into when blogging for your own business is getting caught up in the fun, new, time-consuming social media aspect of it all. A business blog is first and foremost a marketing tool, something to drive leads and sales. Your goal isn’t to get “internet famous”, but to get more business. Focus on the quality of readers you’re getting, rather than the quantity. The internet may be able to bring you business from all over, but for most of us, the majority of our customers will be nearby.

Make sure that you’re marketing primarily to those who are most likely to want and need your services. Write about the stuff that your prospective customers are looking for. Are you a dentist in Springfield? Your customers may be searching for “Springfield dentist” or “tooth whitening in Springfield” or “cavities Springfield” or any of a number of similar terms. If you offer tooth whitening, you should certainly talk about that, but don’t forget the “Springfield” part. The great part about having a consistently updated blog is that you don’t have to work to awkwardly jam in a bunch of relevant keywords; you should naturally have some posts on local events, some posts on your services, some posts offering advice about choosing a good dentist – it’s all there on the site when people come looking for you.