2 – Get Connected

Once you have an identity, you can have a conversation. No one wants to talk to a corporation, but everyone wants to talk to their friends. The best corporate blogs have character, and they invite comment. Regardless of the tone you’ve chosen for your blog – serious, silly sweet – remember that you’re not making pronouncements or delivering lectures, you’re opening conversations. The other half of the conversation may not take place exclusively on your blog; it may come in the form of Facebook comments or tweets. Make it easy for your readers to talk to and about you, and then listen to what they’re saying.

This kind of connection between company and customer can be invaluable. A conversational blog which invites comments helps customers feel more engaged, increasing brand loyalty and upping the potential for referrals, word-of-mouth business, and social media mentions. And of course, the benefits of an ongoing, real-time conversation with your customers can’t be overstated – you can counteract rumors, respond to customer service concerns, and publicize your good works without adding significant costs to your bottom line.